Mike is a versatile songwriter, having written over 300 songs. He co-wrote interlude music for several children’s programmes including the Beeps (48 episodes) and the theme music for Radio 4 programme 'X marks the spot'. He co-wrote three of the songs on Sean Taylors latest Album 'Short Stories'. Mike has a publishing deal with 'another planet music' managed by Mark Stratford (Rough Trade, BMG Rights, Cherry Red, Windsong, EMI, Universal, President, PIAS). He has his won recording studio and can work remotely. 

studio work

Mike has played on 50 albums, including albums for Sean Taylor, A Different Thread and Farefeld. He can play in any style and works to your desires and the songs needs. Typically he is a three take player in the studio, one take to show possible ideas, one to cement the part, and the third as a keeper. He works efficently and can take producer direction - he appreciately that time is money in the studio, but that you also want quality  - He can deliver both. 

live work

Mike has played literally thousand of shows averaging between 50-100 shows a year. He has played across the world including most European countries, the States, Canada and Africa. He just equally put on a show, or be part of the solid backline, depending on what you want. He has all of his own equipment and transport.